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Dr Fixajoint - Supreme Deer Sinew Capsules

120 Capsules 200mg

Deer Sinews are the leg muscle of the deer. The deer is a wild and active animal. They can run at 200 km/h. In Chinese medical report, it stated that if there is any deficiency in a certain part of the body, the best healing method is to eat that part of the body of a multi-mineral animal. For example, if you suffer from arthritis, eating deer sinews can assist the healing. The theory is similar to the blood relationship of relatives that the Western medical report stated. Functions: The function of eating deer sinews is to heal and improve any deficiency in the muscular and joints system. It is good for healing joint and muscular disorder, arthritis, muscular pain and improve blood circulation of the hands and legs. Deer products have been used in Asian Countries for more than 2000 years. A unique formula developed by our R & D team combining Deer Sinews (containing collagen, glycosaminoglycans, chondroitin sulphate and inorganic minerals) and Fish Bone Powder (containing Calcium and the DHA and EPA, group of Omega-3 fatty acids), which may help in improving joint mobility and provide a source of Calcium. Recent researches shows that consumption of collagen & chondroitin sulphate may help to assist joint health and ease joint pains. 


50% Deer Sinew Powder & 50% Fish Bone Powder


鹿蹄筋不單只含血量極為豐富,更重要含有大量促進人體對抗筋骨關節衰退老化的膠原蛋白、葡糖氨基醣(Glucosaminoglycan)、氨基酸及微量元素,有效補充人體筋骨關節所需要的營養物質, 強化機體筋骨關節組織修復,抗衰老。

【功效】: 善補筋骨、利關節、養血通絡。對於長期風濕骨痛,筋骨勞損,關節肌肉痠痛、手脚痳痹腿抽筋等療效顯著。尤其頸椎病、腰腿痛、五十肩及骨質退化疏鬆有良好的療效。


 【服法】:每瓶120 , 每天服一粒 (最好早餐前服用)

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