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Pure-ora Mountain Ginseng

Pure-ora Mountain Ginseng is grown without the use of fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides, producing top quality ginseng which looks, tastes and smells like wild ginseng containing high levels of the ginsenoside active ingredient. The ginseng roots are harvested carefully by hand after 7 years growing time and processed to strict health and safety protocols to ensure our ginseng products reach consumers in top condition.

Medicinal use of ginseng in China can be traced back 4000 years. North American Indians were also using American ginseng for medicinal purposes well before it was commercially developed in the 18th century. Both species have distinct medicinal uses in Chinese medicine. The name Panax means cure all or all healing. The active ingredients in ginseng that give the plant its medicinal properties are the saponins, commonly called ginsenosides or panaxosides. Many ginsenosides have been isolated and identified. Most are found in the root, however, quantities vary considerably from plant to plant. The major use of ginseng is in Asia. While ginseng has not yet been recognised by Western pharmacology it is being used widely in herbal, health food and cosmetic applications.

百草之王在新西蘭系列報導之一、之二刊發之後,奧克蘭華人對新西蘭本土純天然人參表現出濃厚興趣。在兩家指定購買店舖內,有消費者表示,皮爾奧高山人參(Pure-ora Mountain Ginseng)的精美包裝、完美品相、純正口感都讓人滿意,特別是富含人參皂苷、無任何化學殘留的品質保證,讓產品更有說服力,他們買起來很放心。



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